Iconic NFL reporter Pam Oliver on her career and how she has managed to last this long in the business

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Fox recently announced that Pam Oliver would be demoted and that Erin Andrews would be replacing her on the sidelines of Fox's NFL broadcasts.

That Pam Oliver has managed to last this long (19 years) in the business is indeed an accomplishment by itself and speaks to her professionalism and unrivaled commitment to her craft.

In this video (below) she speaks with Lee Hawkins of the Wall Street Journal about her career and how she managed to stay at the top for as long as she has.

Trouble in paradise: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's marriage in trouble?

Larry Brown Sports

Is the marriage between Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen in trouble? 
That’s what one tabloid would like to have you believe.
In a story published Monday called “Gisele & Tom: A House Divided!”, Star alleges that Gisele is controlling of Tom’s home life and that he is getting fed up.
Quoting from the article:
According to insiders, Gisele, 34, is supercontrolling with Tom and has final say on everything from how their home is decorated to exactly how and where their children, Benjamin, 4, and Vivian, 19 months, are raised.
The story alleges that despite having tons of housekeepers, Gisele has a list of chores for her husband to complete such as waking up early to clean floors and toilets. They say Tom is getting sick of doing things Gisele’s way.
In the past, Tom, 36, went along with Gisele’s demands in order to keep the peace, but pals insist he’s finally starting to stand his ground. “She throws an insane tantrum when things don’t go her way,” says the source.
“One time, Tom didn’t do one of the chores on his list, and she berated him — even telling him that he’s a terrible role model for their children. But instead of doing what she wanted, he just took the kids and left the house. Gisele was shocked.”
The story also says that a “final straw” was Gisele deciding she didn’t want to live in the LA mansion they built, and instead preferred a quieter environment. You may recall that the couple began construction on the Brentwood mansion back in 2010 after purchasing the plot of land for over $11 million. The entire construction cost was estimated to be around $20 million and the project supposedly took about four years to complete. It’s unclear whether the family ever lived in the mansion, but they listed it this year and sold it to Dr. Dre. They’re now building a huge complex in Brookline, Mass. instead.
And how’s this for a kicker? Star concluded its story with a quote from a friend who says they wouldn’t be surprised if Tom decided he could no longer take the married life.
“She rules Tom’s life,” continues the friend. “Nobody would be surprised if he threw in the towel soon.”
Eh, I think everyone on the outside world would be surprised if that happened. But if they are having problems, nobody should be surprised. First off, all marriages have their problems. Secondly, few things are as perfect as they seem on the outside.
While I can picture Gisele as a controlling type, I just can’t imagine Tom scrubbing toilets around his house. No way that’s possible, right?


Patriots are 'least liked' team in the NFL?

The NFL Shield (Credits: National Football League)
By cover32 Staff

In recent days, soccer fans have been coming out of the woodwork, showing their allegiance to “the world’s game” as World Cup fever starts to reach a fever pitch. 

Jumping on the bandwagon of Team USA makes sense; national pride will get sports fans to tune into almost anything. 

But the conversations have also revealed that plenty of people in the United States have become fans of overseas teams as well.
Real Madrid. Barcelona. Manchester United. Bayern Munich. Arsenal. Name a prominent European team and someone in America is suddenly on their bandwagon.
It becomes an obvious question: Why do people with no built-in allegiance to a team wind up becoming a fan?
Which leads to an interesting hypothetical. If roles were reversed and people from other countries were forming a bond with a National Football League team, which ones would they gravitate toward?
It led the editorial staff at cover32 to rate each NFL franchise based on their likability. The idea is simple: If a fan was neutral, what teams would they be most attracted to.
Here’s how things shook out:
1. Pittsburgh Steelers – They win consistently, which is nice. But they don’t take shortcuts to success, as the Steelers don’t buy their championship rosters. There’s something honorable about rooting for a team that is loyal and has work ethic.
2. Green Bay Packers – Being able to own a piece of the team would be cool. So too would the fact that the league’s championship trophy is named after the franchise’s former coach. Green Bay is the closest thing to a college atmosphere in the NFL.
3. Buffalo Bills – There’s a Chicago Cubs quality about the Bills; there’s a lovable loser element that dates to date to their four-consecutive Super Bowl losses in the 1990s. But they also possess a fiercely loyal fan base and have an underdog quality.
4. Cleveland Browns – One certainly wouldn’t jump on the Browns bandwagon because they wanted enjoy easy victory; instead, it’d be about being a part of a group that has endured a lot of pain in search of eventual victory.
5. Kansas City Chiefs – There’s a classic Midwestern charm to the Chiefs, as their diehard fans have avoided the corporate pitfalls that plague so many teams. It’s good people in search of another title, something 40 years in the making.
6. New York Jets – While the Giants fans are bluebloods, the Jets backers are the working class folks who give the Big Apple its swagger. Hanging out with a hard-working guy beats a Wall Street tycoon any day of the week, especially on Sundays.
7. Dallas Cowboys – As annoying as it may be to many NFL fans, the allure of “America’s Team” still remains; that’s something that people want to be a part of, as there’s a certain mystique that comes with the rich guy everyone roots against.
8. Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons are interesting to people who want to get on board with a promising team – Matt Ryan and Julio Jones make them that – but aren’t the obvious choice. Given their meager track record, Atlanta is an obscure choice.
9. Detroit Lions – A high-powered offense would make rooting for the Lions a fun experience; every Sunday is sure to at least produce some excitement. Being a part of the excitement that comes to Detroit when they win a title would be special.
10. Oakland Raiders – It may be a difficult group to understand, but it’s hard not to be envious of those who root for the Silver and Black. Everyone wants to belong to a group that is so passionate and loyal; Raiders fans have each other’s backs.
11. Indianapolis Colts – For those who don’t like to be a long-suffering fan, the Colts would be a great choice; they’re the fortunate franchise that transitioned from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck after just one dismal season. That’s living right.
12. Denver Broncos – While it would be nice to root for Peyton Manning every Sunday, it’d feel a little dirty, knowing that he was a mercenary brought in for one purpose. Plus, knowing what’s to come after his retirement would loom large.
13. New York Giants – Yes, rooting for the Giants is sort of like pulling for Microsoft, the IRS or Bank of America; but organizations with deep pockets, lots of connections and tons of resources tend to not disappoint their supporters.
14. Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings have a unique look with the purple and the whole Scandinavian thing. Plus, they too evoke some compassion, given that they came up short during all four of their trips to the Super Bowl.
15. Chicago Bears – There’s a history associated with the Bears, dating back to George Halas, that would be cool to tap into. But having to constantly harken back to the 1985 team would get annoying after a while; so too would Jay Cutler.
16. Cincinnati Bengals – Someone would have to be searching for punishment if they willingly chose to be a Bengals fan, as the franchise has been mired in mediocrity (at best) for two decades. But there have been sparks of hope the past three seasons.
17. Miami Dolphins – The glitz and glamour of South Beach is attractive, but those hideous colors from the ’70s are a turnoff. Also, having to constantly defend the 1972 squad, the NFL’s only perfect team, would be tiresome to the nth degree.
18. Jacksonville Jaguars – They have a very likable head coach, a promising young quarterback and an owner who defines unique, all of which is attractive. But their sheer lack of relevance would make them tough to get on board with from afar.
19. San Diego Chargers – The powder blue uniforms would be fun to watch on a weekly basis. But their fair-weather, front-running fans aren’t exactly a group that anyone would aspire to join; and Philip Rivers is tough to love.
20. St. Louis Rams – Jeff Fisher is an old-school coach who deserves a title, so he’d be fun to root for on a weekly basis. And the fact that the franchise took a chance on Michael Sam should make their fans proud. But the team is just blah on many fronts.
21. Seattle Seahawks – Frontrunners probably would like rooting for the Seahawks, but that’s about it. They have a brash coach who left a mess in his wake at USC, a trash-talking cornerback and an overrated QB. But they do win, so that’s cool.
22. Arizona Cardinals – The Bidwells have never proven to be a family that wants to win; at least, they aren’t willing to spend the money to show that they’re serious about it. Thus, it’d be hard to spend hard-earned cash supporting their product.
23. Houston Texans – The Texans are the definition of boring. Yes, they don’t do anything to rub anyone the wrong way, but that’s most because they simply don’t do anything. Period. What is there to gravitate toward, other than the cool logo?
24. Carolina Panthers – Despite winning the NFC South a year ago, the Panthers are fairly drab; that’s because defense tends to be fairly boring. And since Cam Newton has very few weapons around him, that’s the way it’s going to be in Carolina.
25. Tennessee Titans – The most-notable thing about this franchise is that their lone trip to the Super Bowl resulted in such an agonizing defeat that the drama worked its way into the script of “Cast Away.” But that’s not much to hang one’s hat on.
26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Bucs were more likable when they had the ugly orange uniforms and hadn’t won a darn thing. Once they modernized their look and won a single Super Bowl title, the cool factor was gone completely.
27. Baltimore Ravens – Yes, they’ve won two Super Bowls since the turn of the century, but they’ve done it with some of the least likable characters in NFL history. Ray Lewis and Ray Rice make Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers look cuddly.
28. San Francisco 49ers – Having to hear about the glory days of Joe Montana and Steve Young would become tiresome after a while, but not as much as trying to happily cheer for Colin Kaepernick, Jim Harbaugh and Aldon Smith.
29. New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees is a nice guy, but he’s not enough to hide the stench of owner Tom Benson, who is a slimy businessman, and head coach Sean Payton, a bratty looking dude who always seems like he’s up to no good.
30. Philadelphia Eagles – This is an organization that has employed Michael Vick and Riley Cooper in recent years; talk about forcing fans to plug their noses when they enter the stadium. And their fan base is rude, crude and socially unacceptable.
31. Washington Redskins – Honestly, now would not be the time to jump on board the Redskins bandwagon. They have a racist nickname, an arrogant owner and a prima donna quarterback. Other than that, it’s nothing but stocked cupboards in D.C.
32. New England Patriots – Bill Belichick is a cheater that still thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, which makes the coach imminently distasteful. And quarterback Tom Brady is about as relatable as William and Kate across the pond.


Ridiculous Himalayas bus ride - Not for the faint-hearted!

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Post by Ototo.

How translation tech can help you 'speak in unknown tongues'

Waygo App
By Laju Arenyeka

There is no doubt that being multilingual in this global village is an added advantage. 

However, when compared to the thousands of languages in today's tower of Babel, it's next to impossible that one person would be able to speak them all. 

But an advantage of today's world is its smart tech from which translation tech evolves. Here are some ways translation tech apps is empowering users with the right tongues at the right time:


If you've ever been to a Chinese or Japanese restaurant you'd wish you had this app sooner. Waygo, available on iPhone and Android, is capable of recognizing and translating Chinese and Japanese menus and signs, simply by pointing a smartphone camera. The company behind it says it's working on more languages for the future. If this is true, it might come in handy at your favorite Indian restaurant very soon.

Google glass

In what might seem like a trick borrowed from Men in Black, you can simply look through your Google glass, hold your head by looking at a sign and say: 'Ok Glass, translate this.' Apps such as UniSpeech and Word Lens make this possible.

Skype Translator

With apps like the Skype Translator, people who do translations for a living might soon have to find another source of income. This Microsoft-designed app lets provides translations as people speak to one another in different languages during voice calls. It will launch for Windows 8 devices later this year.

The different languages of money

Online shopping giant, eBay isn't just making in different currencies, through its machine translation, it automatically translates listing details on its websites and apps. In June it bought a start-up called AppTek, which specializes in this area. eBay has also said it's interested in making more tools using translation such as instant messaging software for sellers and potential buyers to chat about a product even if they don't speak the same language.

'Tweeting in tongues'

Twitter has added Bing Translate, a feature powered by Microsoft's technology, to translate tweets from different languages. Users who have the feature on the iPhone Twitter app can tap on tweets to see a translation.

Apps for sign language

Understanding sign language is not the easiest thing for the average person. Imagine an app that can help you through this with a snap of the finger! Microsoft has worked with Kinect Sign Language Translator, using the Xbox camera and motion-detection accessory to translate sign language into text and spoken language.


RJ Reynolds told to pay almost $24 billion to widow of smoker..... individual responsibility out the door?

By Deji Komolafe

A court in the United States of America has ordered the country's second largest cigarette company to pay $23.6 billion to the wife of a smoker who died of lung cancer.

RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company was hit with the punitive fine in addition to $16.8 million in compensatory damages.

Cynthia Robinson took action against the firm in 2008, seeking compensation for her husband's death in 1996. 

A company official said the verdict was grossly excessive and impermissible under state and constitutional law.'' 

During the four-week trial, lawyers for Ms Robinson argued that RJ Reynolds was negligent in informing consumers of the dangers of consuming tobacco. 

This negligence, the lawyers said, led to her husband Michael Johnson Sr. contracting lung cancer from smoking after becoming "addicted" and failing multiple attempts to quit. 

"RJ Reynolds took a calculated risk by manufacturing cigarettes and selling them to consumers without properly informing them of the hazards," Ms. Robinson's lawyer Willie Gary said. 

"We hope that this verdict will send a message to RJ Reynolds and other big tobacco companies that will force them to stop putting the lives of innocent people in jeopardy," he added. 

RJ Reynolds plans to appeal against the court's decision, vice president and assistant general counsel Jeffery Raborn said in a statement. 

"This verdict goes far beyond the realm of reasonableness and fairness, and is completely inconsistent with the evidence presented," he said. 

"We plan to file post-trial motions with the trial court promptly, and are confident that the court will follow the law and not allow this runaway verdict to stand." 

The punitive damages awarded to Ms. Robinson were said to be the largest of any individual case stemming from a class action lawsuit filed in Florida. 

Several similar cases have resulted in smaller payouts after the state's highest court ruled that smokers and their families only had to prove addiction and that smoking caused their illness.


Mandate through the gun: Root cause of Jonathan's struggles with Boko Haram

Nigeria's late President Yar'Adua

There is no question that the "injustice" of decades past led to the subsequent birth of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta ("MEND").

MEND is one of the largest (if not the largest) militant groups in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

The organization (essentially a terrorist organization) came into existence in the course of the last two decades, hinging its supposed "legitimacy" on the "exploitation and oppression" of the people of the Niger Delta region.

While it is true that untold devastation had been wrought on the natural environment in that region, MEND's position, as well as that of adjacent groups, would seem to suggest that the leadership of that region (Niger Delta) was not itself complicit in the culture of corruption, that basically ensured that the Federal Government turned a blind eye to the excesses of the foreign oil firms.

While one would not reasonably argue with the facts as they obtain, in relation to the lack of opportunities and economic underdevelopment prevalent in the Niger Delta, that should not give credence to the existence and activities of  an organization such as MEND, that resorted to acts of terrorism in its perverted quest for justice.

The fact is that the Nigerian Government of the day struggled to contain MEND much like it is struggling to contain the dreaded Boko Haram Islamic militants.

The truth is that Boko Haram is not really an Islamic sect looking to force Islam on the people of Nigeria. On the contrary, this terrorist group is essentially the military wing of the Kaduna Mafia (now the Arewa Consultative Forum) with the main objective of reclaiming the leadership stake of the core North, in the Nigerian political theater.

According to unimpeachable intelligence sources, those behind Boko Haram are highly placed political figures (including former heads of state of Nigeria).

The problem though is that the monster they (the core Northern leaders) created, has taken on a life of its own.

Although these "usual suspects" have lost control of the group, they are secretly the top cheer leaders for the acts of terrorism and senseless violence the group continues to inflict on the Nigerian people.

President Jonathan knows who these people are and he said as much recently (although he is still technically lying through his teeth). They are essentially the pillars of his rogue administration who feel left out of the current political equation and are out to settle the score.

These "usual suspects" (mostly of Northern extraction) believe that the "Northern mandate" was stolen in the last elections (following the death of the late president Umar Musa Yar' Adua).

In Jonathan, they (the Northern leaders) see a man who was thrust on the people of Nigeria by the barrel of the gun.

As far as they are concerned, if it is okay to assuage for the perceived wrong deeds done to a certain section of the country, then they are more than justified to engage in the same acts of terrorism through a surrogate military wing, with the sole intent of having power shifted back to the core North.

There-in lies Mr. Jonathan's dilemma and the future of Nigeria as a single entity, hangs precariously in the balance, unless honest and well-meaning stake-holders of all ethnicity and background decide to take their country back.

The truth is that the current administration does not enjoy the support of the people that matter, the Nigerian masses.

When you couple that with the fact that there are many in the corridors of academia and influence within the Nigerian theater of operation, who see this current president as a "terrorist imposition", it remains a very tall order for this administration and maybe Nigeria, to survive.


Barbarians at the gate: Impeachment as a political weapon.....

Jonathan - Dictator-in-Chief?
By Michael Nnebe

Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa, the second republic governor of Kaduna State under the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), became the first governor to be impeached in Nigeria. Musa was quite a character, but once he crossed the line, the Shehu Shagari led National Party of Nigeria (NPN) national government sanctioned his removal, and Balarabe Musa was history.

It did not matter that Musa remained popular with the people of Kaduna State as at the time of his impeachment. This happened in the early eighties, and it is conceivable that several more aberrant governors might have suffered the same fate had the military not struck soon after the second term that began on October 1983. Between 2005 and 2006 the Obasanjo led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) sanctioned the impeachment of five governors in Nigeria. 

The three more that followed in 2006, including those of Anambra and Oyo states were all reversed by the Nigerian Supreme Court.

The truth is that most governors in Nigeria are committing impeachable offences on a daily basis. Many of these governors carry out their activities with impunity, and as long as they are with the ruling national party, or are not in an antagonistic relationship with the ruling national party, nothing will ever happen to them. It is also a gospel truth that no governor can be impeached in Nigeria without the approval or at least consent of the president. It's just not possible! 

I will even go further to assert that no impeachment procedures ever began in Nigeria that was not orchestrated in Aso Rock. Before Governor Murtala Nyako was impeached a few days ago, he was accompanied to Aso Rock by two former military presidents to beg President Jonathan to stop the impeachment against him. According to sources now made public, the president gave him several humiliating conditions which Nyako refused to undertake, and the impeachment ultimately went through.

The truth is that Governor Nyako was hardly the poster child of a governor that deserves the tears of Nigerians. Attempts to impeach him began soon after his inauguration in 2007. 

He was actually served with an impeachment notice back in 2008, but was saved by the intervention of President Yar'adua after he went and pleaded at Aso Rock. Recently he decamped to the opposing All Progressives Congress (APC), and proceeded to write the most divisive letter by a sitting governor in Nigeria. In his letter, Nyako among other things accused President Jonathan of funding the Boko Haram, carrying out a genocide against the Hausa/Fulani. 

I am not a politician, but after reading his letter I knew that his days were numbered. I was therefore not surprised that he was impeached. There is no doubt in my mind that the president's men orchestrated his removal right there in Aso Rock, but like I always say to these politicians, those who come to equity must come with a clean hand. Nyako had been a mediocre governor at best, and if you followed the sixteen offenses he was charged with, any one of them would have been sufficient to remove him from office.

The question is this, if Nyako was still in the PDP or a non-antagonistic APC governor would he have been impeached? Certainly not! Well, but this is politics and those who play this game must play by the rule. Remember Governor Amaechi? 

He flew around the country in an unregistered private jet that was supposed to belong to the people of Rivers state, and he did so without any problem. But once he was declared an enemy everything changed, and suddenly the powers that be discovered that his private jet was not properly registered and that it did not even belong to Rivers state, so they grounded his plane in a public show of humiliation. This is Nigeria politics for you. Am I weeping for Amaechi? Absolutely not! These characters know what they are doing.

I have written what is on my mind repeatedly in this country, called a spade a spade at all times yet the presidency probably did not know that I exist. This is largely possible because I have stayed completely out of the system. Should I get in someone's pocket or some party's pocket and start insulting the president, I have no illusion what could happen to me. Gov. Nyako apparently wants to have his cake and eat it, but unfortunately it does not work like that, especially here in Nigeria.

Ironically, most of these governors impeached in the past were popular governors in their respective states. Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state who was impeached in 2006 was a clear example. It therefore leaves me with the impression that most of these past impeachments were simply political calculations designed to favor the ruling national party. 

It is however irrelevant whether these past impeachments were all based exclusively on political calculations since these governors often provide legitimate offenses for their impeachment. President Jonathan has since coming to power resisted the use of Obasanjo's style of impeachment as a payback to aberrant governors. But since the emergence of APC as a super opposition, especially in the upcoming 2015 election, it now appears to me that Jonathan's gentleman's style of politics is now over. Indications are that by the time this tenure is over up to five or even six governors may be impeached. The PDP will do anything and everything to make sure that their majority vote is preserved in 2015 national election. 

To do so requires friendly governors in states that have been considered crucial to victory in next year's presidential election.

As I write this article, the state house in Nasarawa state is now attempting to serve a notice of impeachment to that state governor, Tanko Al-Makura. 

I suspect that Al-Makura's impeachment is already a foregone conclusion. There had been eight several attempts to impeach him since he came to power in 2011, it is now unlikely that he will survive this Aso Rock sanctioned attempt. 

Edo, Rivers, Borno, and possibly Imo could all be among the states already penciled down for impeachment this year. Like I said before, this is all politics, and those who simply can't stand these nefarious scheming in politics should get out of the theater of politics. But there is also an alternative way; a governor who truly serves his people in an honest way, who tries to deliver the dividend of democracy to his people, can do so without fear of Aso Rock. And if you really wish to insult and accuse the president and his men of corruption and other atrocities, then perhaps it might be necessary to be clean from corruption yourself. 

By failing to play above board it is unlikely that most governors in Nigeria would have their state residents rise up in their defense no matter how popular they are. Nigerians know that these folks are simply birds of the same feather, and recognize politics for what it is.

Sadly though, as we have now entered a new era of impeachment galore, and as we watch these impeachments unfold one after another in the next several months, perhaps we should pause a bit and ask ourselves if this is the direction we wish to go as a country. I have read utterances by the likes of El-Rufai that their bloods will flow in defense of this new attack on their men. He even warned that this had happened in Nigeria before, presumably referring to the Nigerian civil war in the late sixties. In my opinion people like El-Rufai are still living in the past with this false notion that the Hausa/Fulani are destined to rule Nigeria forever. 

Nigeria has changed irrevocably, and any northerner that fails to understand this does so at his own peril. But the question we must ask ourselves as Nigerians, especially those of us who are not active politicians is this; shall we fold our arms and watch as these gladiators use every means necessary to achieve their goals. For now, it appears to me that these barbarians are once again at the city gates, clamoring to break in and destroy the decent political development we have all jointly built in the last seven years. 

If we allow them in against APC today, it may be APGA tomorrow, and Labor the next. And whether we like it or not, we shall all collectively become victims as a nation, and that is the tragedy of such backward political tactics.


How to lead change management.....

CC Business Strategy Videorama

In this piece on change management, DeAnne Aguirre, Senior Partner at Strategy& speaks to the importance of effectively managing change within the organization by focusing on meaningful communication and directed cultural exchange.


Game changer as Boko Haram takes its killing orgy southwards?

Jonathan's continued "inaction" may have grave consequences
By Tim Cocks and Isaac Abrak - Reuters

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has claimed responsibility for two explosions on June 25 at a fuel depot in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial hub, in a video seen by Reuters on Sunday, which if true would be the militants' first recorded attack on the city.
"A bomb went off in Lagos. I ordered (the bomber) who went and detonated it," Shekau said.
The two blasts minutes apart last month in the main port of Apapa were almost certainly caused by bombs, three senior security sources and the manager of a major container company told Reuters. One was most likely the work of a female suicide bomber, they said.
Authorities said the blasts on Creek Road were an accident caused by a gas canister, but the security sources told Reuters that was a cover-up meant to prevent panic in the city of 21 million people. At least two people were killed.
Shekau also claimed a bomb in a shopping mall in Abuja's upmarket Wuse II district that killed 24 people, the third in the capital since April and among a growing body of evidence that its attacks are spreading southwards.
A military spokesman declined to comment, saying it was a police matter. A spokesman for police headquarters said that only Lagos police could comment. A spokeswoman for Lagos police division, however, did not respond to a request for comment.
"You said it was an ordinary fire, but it was me in that fire. Well, you can hide it from people but you can't hide it from Allah," Shekau says in the video, which shows him next to gunmen in front of two armored personnel carriers and two pickup trucks. 
A confirmed attack by Boko Haram would be a cause for concern. Lagos is both an international business hub and a usually peaceful but at times uneasy melting pot of ethnicities from the mostly Christian south and Muslim north that have fought street battles in the past.
The target of the Lagos bombs was a fuel depot. Had it gone up, it could have caused a massive chain explosion and disrupted Nigeria's mostly imported fuel supply.
Security sources say it may have been the work of a group or individual inspired by Boko Haram, and point out that its failure to hit its target makes it unlikely this was an expertly trained bomber. Shekau has been known to claim attacks suspected to be the work of another Islamist group or a criminal gang.
Shekau gets the name of the governor of Lagos State wrong in the video, mocking Adams Oshiomole, who is in fact the governor of the southern Edo State.
Shekau also ridicules Western education -- Boko Haram means Western education is forbidden -- along with "the ideologies of America, England, France, China and the whole world".


FIFA bans Nigeria from all football activities

Keshi: His "mafia" days are back again?
CC Sportsnews

FIFA has banned Nigeria from all international football activities with immediate effect as a result of interference from the government.

The world football governing body had in a letter dated July 4, 2014 demanded for the immediate reinstatement of the ousted Aminu Maigari-led board of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) which was cynically removed by the Minister of Sports, Tamuno Danagogo, in line with a dubious order from a High Court in Jos.

FIFA has disapproved of the appointment of Lawrence Katken as Acting Secretary-General of the Federation, and refused to recognize the emergency extraordinary general meeting which it said was organised contrary to the NFF's statutes, as an elective congress was already due on 26 August 2014.

FIFA insists the ban will only be lifted once the court action is withdrawn, and the elected executive committee members are reinstated.

Many believe the chaos that ensued after Nigeria was knocked out of the ongoing World Cup by France, was in-fact orchestrated by Nigeria's coach Stephen Keshi (in conjunction with the Minister of Sports), as a way of ensuring the establishment of an NFF board that would renew his contract on his (Keshi's) terms.

There are reports that Keshi has been promised a whopping agreement in the neighborhood of $1 million/year by the Minister and President Jonathan, hence the basis for hurriedly forcing out one of the most successful tenures in the history of Nigerian football, ably led by the ousted Aminu Maigari.

It remains to be seen what the response will now be to the FIFA ban with continental and global competitions just 11 days away for Nigeria's male and female football teams.


A meeting of the minds: Jonathan and Shekau "take a lie detector test".....

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This had us all in stitches, hence we had to share.

Untoward chicanery or genuine emotion: Nigeria's undignified "first lady" after the Chibok abductions

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A Quirky way to generate new product ideas

In our blog posts, we have often discussed how necessary it be for companies to continual develop new products. This is particularly true in highly competitive markets where the life cycle of products is often very short. For marketers who rely on new products to keep their business viable, it is imperative they regularly set aside time to discuss potential product ideas.
As we discuss in our Managing Products tutorial, new product ideas come from several sources. The usual starting point is through internal research methods, such as asking customers what products they would like to see or using brainstorming techniques to stimulate ideas among company personnel. Additionally, ideas can come by looking outside the company such as researching products offered by other companies.
Well, it looks like we can add another option to the list of ways to generate product ideas – solicit these over the Internet for everyone to see. That is, ask people to offer their own suggestions for products and let others offer comments. According to this Wall Street Journalstory, one company Quirky.com is taking this approach and is building its product offerings from ideas that are freely suggested by visitors on the company's website. The company then takes these ideas and evaluates possible products using the advice from an online community. For the products chosen, the originator of the idea receives a small percentage of the revenue, while some in the online community can also see funds for the support they offer.
For marketers considering this process, a great advantage is the vast amount of innovative concepts that can be suggested that likely no marketer can generate on their own. However, on the downside a significant barrier for adopting this type of approach for generating ideas is the openness. Everyone in the world can see what the ideas are, and most marketers are not accustomed to publicly sharing their product ideas before a product is marketed. So while this approach works well for this company, it remains to be seen whether this idea generation method will be adopted by many other marketers.

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Keshi: South African interest seems to be waning in light of scandals under his watch

CC Sports Minute

Before the ongoing World Cup in Brazil, it was almost certain that former Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi would not come back to his job with the Nigeria Football Federation.

He walked taller because according to him, there were several tempting and juicy offers on his table to choose from and that of the South African Football Association, SAFA, was almost a certainty. 

The NFF on their part, were happy that his contract would also come to an end with the World Cup and had no intention of renewing it. 

They had taken so much from Keshi and this time, there would be no turning back.

As Nigerians watch the unfolding drama at the NFF and Nigerian football, we can reveal that Keshi's ''tempting offers" and the much talked about South African deal may not be after all. There are strong indications that the South African Football Association are on the verge of recruiting Iranian coach, Carlos Queiroz over Keshi and that might leave Keshi in limbo.

''Yeah, Keshi has always been in the books of SAFA as well as Queiroz", our South African source said yesterday insisting that the pendulum may have finally moved over to Queiroz after what he did with the Iranian team at the on-going World Cup in Brazil.

Iran considered a whipping team in the Group F that comprised South American giants, Argentina and African Champions Nigeria and Bosnia and Herzegovina turned out to be a thorn on the flesh of the teams with Nigeria scrapping a barren draw with them.

Queiroz a veteran and versatile coach had told the world in Brazil that Iranian football was a sleeping giant that was faced with the challenge of waking from this sleep.

And many people believed that the man who once assisted Alex Ferguson in Manchester United had done a good job to bring Iranian football to the front burner to the extent of challenging Argentina until a late goal from Argentine wizard Messi.

''Keshi was ahead of other coaches but the table has turned and Queiroz is the man of the moment", a source said.

Sources have intimated that issues of money and players' protests may not be unconnected with the sudden change of heart from South Africans who have been monitoring the chaos that saw players skip one training session in Brazil and threatened not to play France unless their appearance fee was paid even though FIFA had not yet disbursed the monies to the various Federations.

That made President Gooluck Ebele Jonathan to send Sports Minister Tammy Danagogo to bring money on a Presidential jet to Brazil before the Eagles played France. 

Nigeria also sent wrong signals to the world before the Confederations cup when the players, again under Keshi, threatened a no show if funds due to them were not paid. 

There are those who believe, based upon highly reputable feelers that the team officials (coaches) are indeed the ones stoking the fire through the players.

Overall, South African officials are said to be uncomfortable with Keshi's history of contentious relationships with players and FAs of other nations, namely Togo and Mali before his most recent stint with Nigeria, where the same pattern seemed to continue.

It remains to be seen where the former Nigeria captain ends up, but South Africa currently seems an unlikely destination.