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Nvidia founder Jensen Huang says he wishes ‘pain and suffering’ on Stanford students. Here’s why and what to learn from his rise

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By Jing Pan

Words of wisdom from the self-made billionaire.

Huang’s light-hearted remark elicited laughter from the audience.

He continued, “I don't know what to tell you, that's life, and so you can't show me a task that's beneath me.”

Huang emphasizes his willingness to help others by sharing his approach to problem-solving. He states that his assistance is not about whether a task is beneath him but about being of service: by demonstrating his reasoning process on various challenges — whether they're ambiguous, incalculable, or seemingly daunting — he empowers others.

Resilience matters

Huang doesn’t hesitate to make bold statements. During another Stanford event, he made some intriguing remarks about expectations, pain and suffering.

Speaking at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research last month, Huang was asked what advice he’d give to students to enhance their chances of success.

Rather than prescribing specific actions, he shared this insight: "One of my great advantages is that I have very low expectations."

Huang went on to note that low expectations aren’t typical among Stanford graduates — even though he himself is an alumnus.

“Most Stanford graduates have very high expectations, and you deserve to have high expectations because you came from a great school. You were very successful. You were top of your class. Obviously, you were able to pay for tuition. And then you’re graduating from one of the finest institutions on the planet. You’re surrounded by other kids that are just incredible,” he elaborated.

However, Huang highlighted a significant drawback to this mindset, stating, “People with very high expectations have very low resilience. And unfortunately, resilience matters in success.”

‘I hope suffering happens to you’

Huang believes that the ability to endure setbacks and suffering is crucial for success. However, he’s unsure how to effectively teach this resilience to students — it may be something they need to experience firsthand.

“I don’t know how to teach it to you except that I hope suffering happens to you,” he said.

He shared that, although he grew up in an environment that fostered success, he also faced many challenges. Within his company, he uses the term "pain and suffering" with glee, seeing such challenges as opportunities to strengthen and refine the character of the organization.

For Huang, true greatness in individuals comes from character, not intelligence, and character is shaped by experiences of adversity.

“And so if I could wish upon you — I don’t know how to do it — but for all of you Stanford students, I’d wish upon you ample doses of pain and suffering,” he said.

Put simply: no pain, no gain.


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Jing Pan

Investment Reporter

Jing is an investment reporter for MoneyWise. He is an avid advocate of investing for passive income. Despite the ups and downs he’s been through with the markets, Jing believes that you can generate a steadily increasing income stream by investing in high quality companies.



Israeli settlers continue raids into West Bank, setting homes, cars ablaze

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CCTV footage captures moment settlers burn car as Israeli soldiers look on. 

Footage from a surveillance camera, verified by Al Jazeera, has emerged showing settlers setting fire to a car owned by Palestinians in a garage located near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, as Israeli soldiers watch and fail to intervene.  

The footage shows two settlers entering the garage, pouring a flammable liquid over the windshield and a car door, and setting fire to it. 

One soldier who is closest to the garage ducks as the flames engulf it before he proceeds to walk away.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has quoted the Israeli army as saying the car burning was a “serious incident” and that the way the soldiers “acted in the footage does not correspond to the army’s values and orders”. 

“The incident is [being] investigated, and the soldiers will be handled accordingly,” the army reportedly said. 

Al Jazeera 

The Problem With The Prosperity Gospel By The Jesus Hustlers

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Nigerian Govt names controversial cleria Ahmad Sheikh Gumi’s ally, Tukur Mamu, 8 others, 6 Bureau De Change (BDC) operators as terrorism financiers

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By Seun Opejobi

The Federal Government has released the full list of individuals and organizations financing terrorism in Nigeria.

The list released by the Federal Government include Tukur Mamu, a close ally of Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi.

The list also include six Bureau De Change, BDC, operators.

Recall that information earlier released by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit, NFIU, said those financing terrorism include nine individuals and six Bureau De Change operators.

In its report titled, ‘Identification of Persons and Organizations as of March 18, 2024’, the NFIU said the Nigeria Sanctions Committee convened on March 18, 2024, during which certain individuals and entities were identified for sanction due to their ties to terrorism financing.

Subsequently, a post released on X on Monday by former President Muhammadu Buhari’s Media Aide, Bashir Ahmad, reads: “The Federal Government has released names and BDCs funding terrorists in Nigeria. We hope that those individuals will face the necessary legal consequences for their actions.


1. Tukur Mamu

2. Yusuf Ghazali

3. Muhammad Sani

4. Abubakar Muhammad

5. Sallamudeen Hassan

6. Adamu Ishak

7. Hassana-Oyiza Isah

8. Abdulkareem Musa

9. Umar Abdullahi

The six BDCs and firms are:

10. West and East Africa General Trading Company Limited

11. Settings Bureau De Change Ltd

12. G. Side General Enterprises

13. Desert Exchange Ventures Limited

14. Eagle Square General Trading Company Limited

15. Alfa Exchange BDC




Fulani terror mastermind group, Miyetti Allah (MACBAN), seeks reconstruction, compensation on demolished cattle markets....

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By Dennis Agbo

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, has sought for the reconstruction and compensation of victims in the recently demolished cattle markets in parts of south east states.

The cattle markets located in Lokpanta of Abia state and Ugwuoba in Enugu state were recently demolished over alleged harbouring and service as criminal hideouts for suspected kidnappers marauding the south east states.

But the Miyetti Allah had since denied harbouring of criminals in their mist, stating that they had indeed in many occasions fished out criminal elements who infiltrated in their mist and handed them over to the security agencies.

In a statement, on Sunday, a chieftain of MACBAN in the South East and the immediate past Chairman of the group in the South East Zone who currently is the Director in the national body, Alhaji Gidado Siddiki said that the plight of the displaced cattle dealers in the Abia and Enugu states was very bad.

According to Siddiki the state of their members in the South East vis-à-vis the general economic hardship amidst the approaching Ramadan is too bad and needs to be looked into.

Siddiki said that while their members struggle to survive the torments of an unpalatable economic downturn like the rest of the Nigerian masses, their members in the South East are largely disturbed by the very recent tragedy of market demolitions in Lokpanta and Ugwuoba cattle markets by the governments of Abia and Enugu States, respectively.

He said: “While we recognise the need to comply with government policies, trusting that these actions are not deliberately intended to undermine our business interests, we are worried by the quantum of losses upon our people.

“We are however most optimistic that the human face in governance will compel the Governments of Abia and Enugu States to grant the victims of the demolitions adequate compensation to enable them get on in pursuit of their legitimate livelihood.

“We are eagerly looking forward to the quick construction of new market facilities to serve our people’s business cause. We are hopeful that the government of the states will carry our leadership along in matters concerning the reconstruction.

“We urge our members to stay calm, await the final government decision, and pray for peace and stability across the South East.

“It is essential for our members to be law-abiding, avoiding actions that could jeopardize peace and stability in the region. We emphasize humility and sincerity towards our hosts for sustainable coexistence.

“In conclusion, we express gratitude to the governments and leaders in Igbo land. We urge them to further support and accommodate our legitimate business activities in cattle breeding and selling without hindrance.

“Given the itinerary nature of the Igbo race and their notable successes across the globe we are very hopeful that they will continue to accommodate our people in Igbo’s cherished homeland.

“In this season of Ramadan when we deeply reflect on life and seek positive amendments, our people are enjoined to take stock of their lives and strive to adopt better ways of living that will enhance positive and rancour free interactions with whomever they meet in the course of business and life.

“We are confident that Nigeria will get better and today’s pains will be told as an unpleasant chapter of our history as a country. We plead with our political leaders to be conscientious in formulating and driving policies that affect the well-being of Nigerians.”



Former Tesla director Larry Ellison invited Elon Musk to Hawaii to 'dry out' from drugs, report says

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Elon Musk's drug use so worried his business associates and company board members that they asked him to go to rehab and even take a break from working to "dry out" from various substances, including LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine, a new report from The Wall Street Journal said.

Larry Ellison, Musk's close friend, a former Tesla director, and the billionaire cofounder of Oracle, went so far as to urge Musk to travel to Hawaii during winter 2022 to pause his work and avoid drugs, the outlet reported, citing people familiar with the offer.

Ellison's proposal came amid increasing concerns among Musk's friends and associates that Musk's drug use was getting worse, some of those people told the Journal.

At a party in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles around the time of Ellison's suggestion, the report added, one person who attended the event said Musk drank ecstasy in "liquid form" from a water bottle after having his personal security clear the floor for privacy.

The Journal reported the "volume" of Musk's drug use had contributed to a culture of peer pressure among Musk's friends and board directors of his various companies that created an "expectation" for them to use drugs alongside him to maintain the social status gained by being close to the billionaire.

Musk, Ellison, and their lawyers Alex Spiro and Christopher Muzzi did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider.

The Journal previously reported Musk, who is reportedly one of several executives in Silicon Valley to try his hand at psychedelics such as ketamine, had also indulged in LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and "magic" mushrooms.

Despite proclaiming that he doesn't "like doing illegal drugs," Musk's drug use has previously put him and his companies on notice.

After he smoked marijuana on an episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast, NASA made SpaceX pledge in writing that the company was following federal guidelines on drug use in the workplace. The company spent $5 million in taxpayer money to properly train its employees on the rules, the Journal reported.

The billionaire also said on X that he had a prescription for ketamine, which research has suggested can be used to treat depression.

Experts previously told BI that the combination of hard drugs Musk is said to have used came with several health risks, especially at his age of 52.

Those include irregular heartbeat and incontinence, as well as psychosis if the user has bipolar disorder. In 2017, CNBC reported Musk suggested to his Twitter followers that he had the disorder.

Source: Business Insider