Actually, then candidate Obama did not misstate mother's struggle with healthcare coverage

By The Editor-in-Chief

According to a new book written by Janny Scott titled "A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother," the author claims that then candidate Obama 'misstated' his mother's struggle with healthcare coverage. 

The author asserts that an employer-sponsored health insurance plan paid for all of Dunham's medical bills, except for her deductible and some "uncovered" medical expenses that added up to "several hundred dollars a month." 

According to Scott, Dunham hoped to pay for those extra costs through disability coverage, but her insurer at the time, CIGNA, denied the claim, citing her pre-existing condition.

Scott's reporting is based on copies of letters between Dunham and CIGNA that she obtained via friends of Obama's mother.

The part in bold (above) would actually serve to be a contradiction to the author's claims. 

Below is a YouTube video from the president's debate with John McCain and an objective review of the president's statements on this issue throughout the '08 campaign, would show that the author is merely splitting hairs.

Listen (0:16 - 0:30) to what then candidate Obama says about his mother's struggle with her insurance coverage as it relates to the issue of coverage for her pre-existing condition. 

This was a poor hatchet job and in as much as I disagree with this president on a number of issues, the GOP and its allies are better served focusing on real issues, rather than swatting at flies on the wall.