Super Falcons advance to 2023 Women's World Cup knock-out stage after draw with Ireland


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Nigeria’s Super Falcons are through to the round of 16 of the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand after playing out to a goalless draw against Ireland on Monday.

The result meant Africa’s most successful national team of all-time finished the group stage unbeaten for the first time ever.

The Super Falcons had held Canada to a goalless draw in their first game before edging Australia 3-2.

It is the third time that the Super Falcons – an ever present at the FIFA Women’s World Cup since its inception in 1991 – will be advancing to the knockout rounds of the Women’s World Cup.

The only other times that Nigeria progressed to the knockout rounds were in 1999 and 2003.

But they will be heading into the round of 16 as Group B’s second-placed team after Australia, who lost to the Super Falcons last Thursday, thrashed Canada 4-0 on Monday.

The Aussies had earlier beaten Ireland 1-0 before losing to the Super Falcons.



CC™ Introspective - Yahaya Balogun

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" -- Peter Drucker

"When you come from nothing, you appreciate everything.." - Nathan Kyle Sr.

"....and sometimes, when you come from something that has everything, out of ignorance and greed, you will appreciate nothing.." - Yahaya Balogun

Some men of yesterday basked in the euphoria of yesterday. To their chagrin, yesterday has now expired. "No condition is permanent!" The bitter and sweet lessons learned from the history of yesteryears' politicians must serve as a guide regarding how to live your best life today and going forward.

In our quest to meet our needs today, we must constantly engage our minds to avoid the pitfalls of yesterday. Nigeria's political elite seem to forget the not-too-far-tomorrow! If a man knows the brief history of time, man will always remember that today is a great opportunity to predict and create tomorrow. Most of us see the workaday of existence as the end of life, we get fixated and relish with the selfish-proclamation to meet what we desire instead of what we need. Some of us don't realize that there is a difference between WANTS, NEEDS, and DESIRES!

When we allow our WANTS and DESIRES to override our NEEDS, we will be etching towards getting all of them (wants, needs and desires) at the same time, whereas, WANTS and DESIRES are inconsequential to people who are contented with the possession of their NEEDS. The insatiable quest for grabbing money has already been man's burden. Money like a sensual woman is a very seductive object. A greedy person will never be contented with wealth, and when the wealth is acquired, man tends to want to flaunt it ostensibly for ostentatious style. In the process of showing off their wealth, politicians tend to want more to maintain the status quo. 

In this cycle of ignorance, they forget that they are representations of the people with whom they are accountable! This is the orbit most of our politicians ignorantly and dangerously live today. The aftermath and consequences of their narcissistic behavior are always disastrous for them and society.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to do anything drastic to improve your life. Just follow these basic guidelines and your life will change for the better:

1. Believe in yourself, and the incredible power of 'being or self' in you. Believe very strongly in the courage of your convictions, and the power of "yes, I can do it!" It's called audacity to life adventures.

2. Have contentment through identifying your needs and be happy with what you possess. Do not compete with anyone or the man whose sources of income are very questionable with doubt and mystery.

3. Do not be too self-subsumed in what you want and desire to acquire. It seems there's nothing wrong with desiring of good things; there's nothing wrong with wanting something nice for ourselves, but we must avoid gazing at mundane things that will encumber our needs and at the detriment of society.

4. Life is beautiful! Make it beautiful for yourself and society. Do not allow greed and distractions to take your joy and the joy of other people around you.

5. Be a responsible representation of yourself, your people and society. Live in the itinerary of integrity, and you always get to the destination of rectitude, uprightness, honesty, humility, probity, etc. Remember, you can never live in isolation of people around you. Even, the nitwits and wise persons who live among us see the good and bad things we do, only time can process and tell our antecedents. We will ultimately give an account of the stewardship of our actions and inactions.

In conclusion, in our dwelling of today, we must always remember the mistakes of the past (yesterday) while we're determining tomorrow. Yesterday is gone and can never be recovered. You can only use yesterday's mistakes today to determine the outcome of tomorrow: that is how we know we have made amendments and ready to move on. Let's watch what we do. We must always mumble (self-talk) responsibly to ourselves in the process of living a worthy life.


You can change policy but changing hearts is a different thing altogether.....

CC™ Viewpoint 
By the Editor-in-Chief

I have always believed in the human ability to change. However, change is something that can't be legislated or wished upon a people. Change comes primarily through the following: 

a) An armed revolution - Here, the change is essentially forced on the people through a violent upheaval that results in a coerced political and socio-economic change. b) A socio-cultural revolution - Here, as opposed to forcing change on a people, a combination of events over time ultimately results in a re-think of the social contract by the masses. 

The latter thus seek to renegotiate the terms of the former through an organized ressistance against the status quo. This was evident in the United States of America, following the murder of George Floyd, by a racist white police officer, and may resurface again of the acerbic assault (by right-wing extremists through gerrymandering and judicial apartheid) on the fundamental human and civil rights of Black people continues unabated. 

This is a conversation that requires a more in-depth discussion, but as can be seen from the reactions (below) to a story (a few years ago) on Yahoo about former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick playing again in the National Football League (of American football), attitudes take a while to change and some folks may in fact never change.

Kaepernick famously took a knee four years ago, while the American anthem was being played at 49ers games, to protest the killings of black men by the police and was subsequently blackballed by the overwhlemingly white owners of NFL teams.

As I have stated before, racism is an institution and the privileges that heinous institution bestows upon its entrenched recipients, make it logical that the latter will ressist any change to the status quo. That is where the resolve on the part of the masses to effect the necessary change becomes paramount, as where there is a will, there will always be a way. 
  • 2 days ago
    Father time doesn't care about social injustice.
  • Chuchan
    I feel he should have taken the broncos offer when they wanted him even if it was lower than what he wanted. At the time the broncos simply didn't have enough salary cap space to bring him in for what he was asking, so he turned them down. Both sides would have been better off then.
  • thinker
    4 hours ago
    So many people remain convinced that he was cut, as part of a vast conspiracy, by the 'Niners. Nope. He walked away from his team, his contract and teammates. He thought he was worth far more in FA than he really was. He just wasn't that good. He threw as many TD's in his 5-year career as an elite QB throws in 10-13 games. He only threw 3 more TD's than INT's in his last season. He just refused to accept a BU role, or the money anyone was offering. He was locker room poison and no team wants that. He just found a way to cast himself as a victim and, with Nike's help, found a way to monetize that.
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  • Dem Raiders
    If any team signs him I am done with the NFL. The guy doesn't have the talent to be an NFL starter and if a team signs him it means the league did a back door deal and gave that team millions just to appease the rioters.
  • Jeff
    After all this time some team will sign him now so they can show everyone how racially sensitive and politically correct they are.
  • Spotamus
    2 days ago
    He should never play!
    • hotpants
      4 hours ago
      hes a terrorist and a rabble rouser
  • james b
    Go ahead and sign him. He will not be happy because he will not be a starter. The team that does i believe will lose attendence. They might pick up TV and steaming and jersey sales. I think as a whole the NFL will lose in the long run. Kapernick and ball players knelling will be too much for a good percentage of their paying fan base.
  • Charles
    2 days ago
    let him play
  • Terry
    1 hour ago
    Bench warmer at best
  • Brendan
    2 days ago
    Hopefully some team puts a bounty on this anarchist...
  • Bruce
    1 hour ago
    If the players in the NFL kneel, I will stand! However if Kappernick goes on the field I might watch that game and watch him get torn from limb to limb! It would be worth compromising my principles for one game! Just to see him carted off the field on a stretcher!
  • Joshua
    2 hours ago
    PLEASE SIGN HIM! I hate the Seahawks and would love to see them waste money and lose games.