The coming mobile wave as Dell's profits slump by close to 50% on weak sales

Are tablets a threat to the survival of the PC?
Computer-maker Dell has seen its quarterly profit fall by almost 50% after it was hit by falling sales to both consumers and large companies.

The PC maker made a net profit of $475M in July to September, compared with $893M a year earlier.

Dell's consumer revenues fell 23% to $2.5B, while those from sales to big corporations declined by 8% to $4.2B.

The company, the world's third-largest maker of personal computers, saw overall revenues dip 11%.

Despite the poor results, Dell said it was more confident about the October to December period, which includes Christmas sales.

It expects group-wide revenues to rise by as much as 5% in the last three months of the year, despite the continuing "challenging" global economic environment.

It is also struggling to compete with Asian rivals such as Lenovo and is focusing on selling products and services to businesses rather than individuals.

But the state of the economy means that many customers are delaying making big purchases.

"It's not clear what's going to cause them to increase their spending in the short term, given the uncertainty in the economy," said Dell's chief financial officer Brian Gladden.

But he added that the launch of Windows 8 was improving demand in the consumer market.

How much that leads ultimately to improved sales, remains to be seen.

Congratulations Mr. President, but there is still much work to do

President Barack Obama
Once again, the world witnessed as the United States of America showed the way, with another peaceful and dignified transition of power (albeit an organic one as the president was re-elected to a second four-year term), a common feature and staple of the American system of government - the "world's oldest" and most stable democracy.

Save for the 2000 elections, the fall out of which was the unfortunate "division of the country", the United States has always been a beacon of hope and the lighthouse on a hill, in a world where most leaders, even in some so-called western democracies (Italy for one with Silvio Berlusconi) seem unable and unwilling to relinquish political power.

The American people have spoken and while there are those who may still disagree with some of the president's policies (this writer included), it is incumbent upon us all, to pray for the president and support the efforts of the administration to steer the American economy back on the right path.

It is inconceivable that the gridlock we witnessed over the last four years, will once again rear its ugly head. Congress and the Executive branch of government, must find a way to reach meaningful compromise on the germaine issues of the day.

Absent of that compromise, the American people will grow even more frustrated and increasingly cynical of government; a mind set our leaders can least afford to be entrenched in the psyche of an otherwise patient and dutiful citizenry.

The president must not repeat the same mistakes he made the last time either, when he said "I won, I don't have to take your ideas" to the Republican leadership after his 2008 election victory.

There is no such thing as a mandate from the American people, where these last elections are concerned. Instead, the White House and Congress must understand that the American people expect them to do the people's business.

The president must continue to reach out to "reasonable" members Congress on the other side, while Congress must accord the Executive branch its due respect and work with the president, much like Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

Once again, congratulations to the president and here is hoping he is more concerned about cementing a truly lasting legacy that will forever shape the future of America and indeed the world, for good.

Good luck to you sir.... you will be needing lots of it!  


A time for reflection and solitude....

As the U.S. prepares to vote for the next President of the United States, one is made aware of the need for true reflection and solitude, yes the kind of reflective solitude that can lead to true self-awareness.

One is forced to ask the question, isn't America just plain sick and tired of the same games every four years? No matter how you spin it, a duck is a duck, if it quacks and swims like one.

We all watched almost exactly four years ago when a young and impressionable man with a unique background, captured the imagination of this great country and made us all dream again.

After the nightmarish Presidency that was George Bush's (I doubt most would disagree with me on this), America was ready for a fresh start, or so we thought.

Four years on, we are once again back singing the song of revival and restoration, as if hope never appeared beyond the horizon. We had hoped and dared to dream and in that state of sublime inspiration, we thought we had indeed found our bearings.

But alas, the "compass" failed us once again and failed us it did on all fronts; morally and every-otherwise.

This time, we must think as Americans and I mean really think and reflect on exactly where this great nation is headed.

These elections are bigger than Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and all the candidates combined. They are about something much bigger than even us; yes, something that much larger and of such critical magnitude, that we must indeed get it right this time.

If we don't and once again just go through the motions of an electioneering campaign, we may live to regret it.... both literally and vicariously through our children and future descendants.

It is that important.

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