You can change policy but changing hearts is a different thing altogether.....

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I have always believed in the human ability to change. However, change is something that can't be legislated or wished upon a people. Change comes primarily through the following: 

a) An armed revolution - Here, the change is essentially forced on the people through a violent upheaval that results in a coerced political and socio-economic change. b) A socio-cultural revolution - Here, as opposed to forcing change on a people, a combination of events over time ultimately results in a re-think of the social contract by the masses. 

The latter thus seek to renegotiate the terms of the former through an organized ressistance against the status quo. This is what is going on in the United States of America, following the murder of George Floyd, by a racist white police officer. 

This is a conversation that requires a more in-depth discussion, but as can be seen from the reactions (below) to a story on Yahoo about former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick playing again in the National Football League (of American football), attitudes take a while to change and some folks may in fact never change.

Kaepernick famously took a knee four years ago, while the American anthem was being played at 49ers games, to protest the killings of black men by the police and was subsequently blackballed by the overwhlemingly white owners of NFL teams.

As I have stated before, racism is an institution and the privileges that heinous institution bestows upon its entrenched recipients, make it logical that the latter will ressist any change to the status quo. That is where the resolve on the part of the masses to effect the necessary change becomes paramount, as where there is a will, there will always be a way. 
  • 2 days ago
    Father time doesn't care about social injustice.
  • Chuchan
    I feel he should have taken the broncos offer when they wanted him even if it was lower than what he wanted. At the time the broncos simply didn't have enough salary cap space to bring him in for what he was asking, so he turned them down. Both sides would have been better off then.
  • thinker
    4 hours ago
    So many people remain convinced that he was cut, as part of a vast conspiracy, by the 'Niners. Nope. He walked away from his team, his contract and teammates. He thought he was worth far more in FA than he really was. He just wasn't that good. He threw as many TD's in his 5-year career as an elite QB throws in 10-13 games. He only threw 3 more TD's than INT's in his last season. He just refused to accept a BU role, or the money anyone was offering. He was locker room poison and no team wants that. He just found a way to cast himself as a victim and, with Nike's help, found a way to monetize that.
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  • Dem Raiders
    If any team signs him I am done with the NFL. The guy doesn't have the talent to be an NFL starter and if a team signs him it means the league did a back door deal and gave that team millions just to appease the rioters.
  • Jeff
    After all this time some team will sign him now so they can show everyone how racially sensitive and politically correct they are.
  • Spotamus
    2 days ago
    He should never play!
    • hotpants
      4 hours ago
      hes a terrorist and a rabble rouser
  • james b
    Go ahead and sign him. He will not be happy because he will not be a starter. The team that does i believe will lose attendence. They might pick up TV and steaming and jersey sales. I think as a whole the NFL will lose in the long run. Kapernick and ball players knelling will be too much for a good percentage of their paying fan base.
  • Charles
    2 days ago
    let him play
  • Terry
    1 hour ago
    Bench warmer at best
  • Brendan
    2 days ago
    Hopefully some team puts a bounty on this anarchist...
  • Bruce
    1 hour ago
    If the players in the NFL kneel, I will stand! However if Kappernick goes on the field I might watch that game and watch him get torn from limb to limb! It would be worth compromising my principles for one game! Just to see him carted off the field on a stretcher!
  • Joshua
    2 hours ago
    PLEASE SIGN HIM! I hate the Seahawks and would love to see them waste money and lose games.


Vision: Netflix seals strategic partnership with prolific producer Mo Abudu to develop content from Nigeria

Mosunmola "Mo" Abudu
CC™ Media Scoop - Breaking Netflix Press Release 

Netflix is reaffirming its commitment to original African content, signing a multi-title deal with prolific Nigerian producer Mo Abudu. 
Through the partnership, Abudu — via her production company EbonyLife — will create two series and multiple films for the streamer. Among them will be the adaptations of Lola Shoneyin's bestselling debut novel The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives and 1986 Nobel Prize laureate Wole Soyinka's 1975 play Death and the King's Horseman. One of the films is expected to land on Netflix later this year.
"Mo is at the forefront of creative storytelling in African television. Her passion for creating high-quality, riveting multi-genre films and TV shows that capture the imagination while showcasing the diversity and richness of Nigerian culture is evident in her impressive body of work,” said Dorothy Ghettuba, Netflix’s lead for original series in Africa. "We’re thrilled about this first-of-its-kind partnership in Africa that will bring some of Nigeria — and Africa’s most iconic storytelling to screen. We look forward to supporting Mo as she brings all these diverse Nigerian stories to the world."
Said Abudu: "As a Nigerian storyteller, my biggest motivator has always been to tell authentic and untold stories that resonate with every person, regardless of where they’re from in the world while showcasing our culture, heritage and creativity."
"We believe that more people deserve to see their lives reflected on screen and for that to happen, we need to make sure there’s a wide variety of content that caters to our members’ diverse tastes," said Ben Amadasun, Netflix director of licensing and co-productions for Africa. "Our members around the world have been enjoying some of the licensed titles from EbonyLife like The Wedding PartyChief DaddyCastle & Castle and Fifty. I’m excited to continue our licensing partnership with the addition of Netflix branded films titles that will grow the variety of quality Nigerian stories on our service."
Added Abudu: "This unprecedented partnership is testament to the Netflix’s investment in African storytelling and we at EbonyLife are grateful and excited about the opportunity to work together with the Netflix teams led by Dorothy and Ben to deliver a slate of unique and riveting stories from Nigeria over the next few years for Netflix audiences around the world."
The deal comes just months after Netflix partnered with John Boyega's UpperRoom Productions for a slate of three features, two from Nigeria and one from Egypt.