A time for reflection and solitude....

As the U.S. prepares to vote for the next President of the United States, one is made aware of the need for true reflection and solitude, yes the kind of reflective solitude that can lead to true self-awareness.

One is forced to ask the question, isn't America just plain sick and tired of the same games every four years? No matter how you spin it, a duck is a duck, if it quacks and swims like one.

We all watched almost exactly four years ago when a young and impressionable man with a unique background, captured the imagination of this great country and made us all dream again.

After the nightmarish Presidency that was George Bush's (I doubt most would disagree with me on this), America was ready for a fresh start, or so we thought.

Four years on, we are once again back singing the song of revival and restoration, as if hope never appeared beyond the horizon. We had hoped and dared to dream and in that state of sublime inspiration, we thought we had indeed found our bearings.

But alas, the "compass" failed us once again and failed us it did on all fronts; morally and every-otherwise.

This time, we must think as Americans and I mean really think and reflect on exactly where this great nation is headed.

These elections are bigger than Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and all the candidates combined. They are about something much bigger than even us; yes, something that much larger and of such critical magnitude, that we must indeed get it right this time.

If we don't and once again just go through the motions of an electioneering campaign, we may live to regret it.... both literally and vicariously through our children and future descendants.

It is that important.

© 2012 Boye Coker. All Rights Reserved.