mCAMPUSMATE™ - iFusionIT and Mihir Mobile Solutions bring higher education into the mobility age

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The usage of mobile phones to handle just about every human activity is growing each day and as mobile technology and indeed technology as a whole, continues to evolve, it becomes imperative for solutions to address the critical needs and demands of the ever-changing world we live in.

More than others, the education/learning industry is aggressively catching up with IT and other technological advancements, in order to meet the competitive demands of this age.

With the changing mode of instructional delivery as a function of the fierce competition among institutions for students, mCAMPUSMATE™ brings educators, institutions and students, the very best of both worlds.

In conjunction with iFusionIT, a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner with expertise in Systems Integration, Data Analytics, Mobility and Cloud Application Development, Mihir Mobile Solutions (MMS) brings you a Student Management Software offering exclusively for Schools, Colleges and other institutions to automate all routine tasks pertaining to Students, Parents, Faculty and School Administration.

mCAMPUSMATE™ not only simplifies school’s activities, but also facilitates the manageability on to the Mobile Devices (iPAD & Android for Tablets and iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry for Smart Phones).

In keeping with the clearly articulated objective of the U.S. Department of Education to "go green", iFusionIT and Mihir Mobile Solutions, see the mCAMPUSMATE™ application as a critical step in that most worthy of goals.

Some of the major benefits and attributes of the mCAMPUSMATE™ application are as follows:

Track Marks, Attendance and other records on Smart Phone/Tablet
 Grade on your Mobile Device
Homework, Assignments, Projects and Exam Schedules on Smart Phone/Tablet
Mobile Access to Library
Special Alerts for Emergency Information  
Automated Payment Reminders
Access to School/College’s Calendar of Events & Functions
Trending and other Statistical Reports, and much more….
Secure Access (Amazon Cloud, can also be on private cloud), Easy Set-Up and 24x7 Support

iFusionIT and Mihir Mobile Solutions believe that mCAMPUSMATE™ will afford institutions the unique opportunity of being able to better attract quality students, while enhancing their brand.
The application, also aptly dubbed as "Mobile University", will allow students to manage their busy educational careers more effectively, with the assurance that their critical information is not only readily available and accessible, but is also very secure. 

About iFusionIT

iFusionIT is a multi-national technology firm headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. We are a trusted partner to the world's leading organizations, including top Fortune 500 companies and key government agencies.

iFusionIT's detailed suite of services ranges from IT Consulting and Custom Projects to its Core Service areas that include BI Services, Testing Services, digital entertainment Services, Custom Applications Development (including Mobility), Systems Integration, Data Analytics and Web Development.

iFusionIT is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner and in addition to core-competencies with regard to the Microsoft technology stack, the company also specializes in Oracle and OpenStack technologies.

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About Mihir Mobile Solutions

Jani Nemana conceptualized Mihir Mobile Solutions and he has been supported by diverse conglomerate of dynamic entrepreneurs from both India and the United States.

Jani has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from Andhra University and a Master’s in Computer Science from Bradley University, USA.