Israeli settlers continue raids into West Bank, setting homes, cars ablaze

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CCTV footage captures moment settlers burn car as Israeli soldiers look on. 

Footage from a surveillance camera, verified by Al Jazeera, has emerged showing settlers setting fire to a car owned by Palestinians in a garage located near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, as Israeli soldiers watch and fail to intervene.  

The footage shows two settlers entering the garage, pouring a flammable liquid over the windshield and a car door, and setting fire to it. 

One soldier who is closest to the garage ducks as the flames engulf it before he proceeds to walk away.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has quoted the Israeli army as saying the car burning was a “serious incident” and that the way the soldiers “acted in the footage does not correspond to the army’s values and orders”. 

“The incident is [being] investigated, and the soldiers will be handled accordingly,” the army reportedly said. 

Al Jazeera