Little motivation from Get Motivated Seminars but overall a worthwhile exercise

Rudi Giuliani was a speaker at the event
The last time I personally attended a seminar on motivation was in 2004. It was held at the Key Arena, if my memory serves me correctly and for all intents and purposes, did very little to motivate my left leg, much less my overall being.
Perhaps, it may have been as a result of growing pains. It sure would get better, I thought then.
The only source of motivation I have ever made use of since then has been that most vital of all, intrinsic motivation.
The latest installment of the Get Motivated Motivational Seminars was held at the Key Arena, Seattle on June 7th, 2011.
Among the slated marquee speakers were Rudi Giuliani, Rtd. General Colin Powell, Joe Montana, Laura Bush, Bill Cosby, Dan Rather and Rtd. General Stanley McChrystal.
I unfortunately arrived late for the event and missed Laura Bush's 'motivational' lecture as well as Steve Forbes' supposed forays into political and economic revisionism. I however plan on attending his seminar. Why? Because you can always learn something from people you disagree with ideologically, particularly if they have been quite successful in the business world, of which I am part.
With regard to former FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) Laura Bush, the peer reviews were not that enthralling. I did wonder exactly what sort of inspiration she would have to offer, given that in 8 years of her husband's presidency, she really never offered much. 
I however had the opportunity to start my day of 'motivation' with the inspiring speech of Rtd. General Colin Powell. Of course, that would be right after the organizers of the event had me and just about everyone in the room feeling 'dirty' by shamelessly promoting an investor's tool from TD Ameritrade.
The tool is obviously supposed to help the individual investor better manage their money and it is, as the 'sales professional' put it, 'what the big boys use.' Really? I thought to myself, in utter amazement at the rather in-your-face plug for the product and the company, by a supposed motivational seminar.
Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with providing people with veritable tools for success. It however needs to be done in a way that does not distract from the core subject matter of the event. 
I was rather impressed with Gen. Powell as he stayed on topic and provided insights into his leadership skills, while reiterating the fact that the skill set he had applied all through his illustrious career, was adaptable to any environment.
After a one hour lunch, Bill Cosby was next and funny enough (quite apt qualification by the way), his session seemed to wake up the room and although it had little to do with motivation, his demeanor and seeming sense of assuredness, was probably more inspirational than any motivational insights he would have provided.
Then came another sales pitch by another 'relative unknown', at least to most of the audience. This time, it was on the importance of time management, family, spirituality and purpose. Or so I thought, but for the intermitent interjections of unbecoming innuendo, that bothered on self aggrandizement. This gentleman was supposed to either be an adviser to leaders in politics and business or a real estate mogul? I really wasn't sure (as I am sure others weren't either) and he will forever remain nameless.
Former New York Mayor Rudi Guiliani came next. He of course really never disappoints. He was true to his ever calm and composed disposition and carefully delivered his points with the precision of a dartsman. He however veered into political territory with jabs at disgraced Congressman, Anthony Weiner, albeit unnecessary, but never distasteful.
Former NFL great, Joe Montana then followed. His delivery was as exact as a perfect spiral dart to Jerry Rice and I believe he needs to be a staple of these seminars, going forward.
Rtd. General Stanley McChrystal, former Afghanistan troops commander, was next. I decided to leave at this time.... simply on the basis of principle. What exactly did he have to offer I asked, as did quite a few of those present? Insights into the art of gross insubordination and professional indiscipline?
I am sorry, the organizers had no business inviting a man with no claim to fame, except wanton disrespect of his civilian superiors, namely the Vice-President of the United States and other top administration officials. I presume his motivational line would be "how to get fired for not learning to think before you speak". 
I had my motivational fix for the day however it had been packaged and all-in-all, not a bad day out of the office for most, I would presume, but with a lot of room for improvement.