Whitney Houston: The end of an affair....

Whitney Houston - RIP
By the Editor-in-Chief

She was blessed with something no one else ever had, save for a former arch-angel of Heaven; a beautiful voice that engendered a sense of reflective nostalgia.

She was so easy to listen to. But even far more endearing to millions across the globe, was the effortless ease, with which she reached those soaring heights of vocal nirvana. And she would smile as well, while in that rarefied zone.... as if to assure us all that it was really quite a thing of pleasure, for her to bring so much joy, into the lives of many.

Musical legend and multiple Grammy winner Whitney Houston passed away, way too soon. Her demons (or those bequeathed to her by ex husband Bobby Brown) finally got the best of her.

It was a tragic end to an infamous chapter in her glorious life, that many (including this writer) had hoped would be expunged.

Born into the regal glory of a distinguished musical family, Whitney's life was one that seemed scripted to not only go well, but end well.

Her mother, Cissy Houston was a gospel singer and Whitney began singing in the choir at an early age. It was there she was discovered.

With a unique voice and grace that embodied the best of her mother, her aunt, Dionne Warwick and her godmother, Aretha Franklin, Houston stormed onto the scene and made an impression that would shape generations of soul and pop female singers, still to come.

While some would sadly remember her struggles with drug addiction in her latter years, it is important that the totality of who she was and what she represented at her very best (both professionally and personally), is the focus of all and sundry, for years, decades and generations to come.

From her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner in 1991 to her numerous musical hits and inspirational movie roles, she truly was an American original; the likes of which we may never see again.

May her precious soul rest in perfect peace and my heartfelt condolences go out to her family, especially her young daughter, Bobbi Kristina.