As the carnage in Northern Nigeria continues, Northern leaders remain complicitly silent

CC Nigerian Insider

Suspected Islamist militants have torched a village in north-eastern Nigeria's Borno state, killing at least 11 people, CC has gathered. 

They raided Jakana overnight, destroying about a third of homes, a Nigerian Senator said. 

It is believed that as many as 40 people had been killed but this could not be immediately confirmed. 

The Islamist group Boko Haram intensified its insurgency in north-eastern Nigeria in recent weeks.

It has been blamed for about 130 killings in Borno alone since Friday, February 28, 2014.
The group has not commented on the attacks.
As these senseless attacks continue, one can't help but wonder exactly why prominent leaders in Northern Nigeria remain almost complicitly silent.
Except for the usual off-handed comment here and there, it is shocking (but probably not surprising) that these men (and they know who they are) have preferred to stand pat while innocent women and children in particular, continue to be murdered in cold-blood by an organization (Boko Haram) most believe is in fact a brain-child of the Northern ruling class.
It however seems that these so-called leaders may have miscalculated as what they created has obviously blown up in their faces.
As Nigeria continues to tinker on the precipice of a full-blown civil war, the authorities must flush out the traitors in their midst as it is clear as day that Boko Haram has access to weapons and intelligence that could only come from within the corridors of power within the Nigerian military and the Intelligence Community.