Typical English hypocrisy: England boss Phil Neville 'ashamed' by Cameroon behavior

Cameroon vs England - Source (Yahoo Sports)
CC™ Sunday Flashpoint:

England boss Phil Neville said he was "ashamed" by Cameroon's behavior after a World Cup last-16 victory he said "didn't feel like football".
The English women booked a quarter-final spot after securing a controversial 3-0 win against Cameroon.
But the game was marred by Cameroon's extraordinary reaction to two video assistant referee decisions and several poor challenges on England's players.
"I am completely and utterly ashamed of the opposition," Neville said.
"When I started in management, I think it was Arsene Wenger that told me: The team mirror the manager.
"If that was my team - and it will never be any of my players - they would never play for England again, with that kind of behavior.
"At times, we probably didn't know whether the game would continue.
"It didn't feel like football. It was a good win but that wasn't a World Cup last-16 tie in terms of behavior that I want to see from footballers.
"This is going out worldwide. I didn't enjoy it, the players didn't enjoy it. My players kept their concentration fantastically, but those images are going out worldwide about how to act, the young girls playing all over the world that are seeing that behavior. For me, it's not right.
"My daughter wants to be a footballer and if she watches that she will think: 'No, I want to play netball.'"
Editor's Commentary: One wonders what Phil would have said or done if the tables were turned. As for his daughter choosing to play netball "because of the actions of the Cameroon players", that would actually be a better option if genealogy traits were considered, as her father was a terrible football player. And people wonder why no one ever wants the English to win anything.