Ousted Afghan President Ghani fled with helicopter filled with millions of dollars

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By Foreign Correspondent

As controversy trailed the whereabouts of ousted Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, some reports said he fled with a helicopter filled with cash.

The report credited to Russian embassy in Kabul claimed that the helicopter could not contain all the cash as he had to leave some behind.

The report did not indicate the currency, but it was obvious he must have taken away U.S. dollars.

According to Mail Online, Ghani also escaped with four cars, which he plans to use in his country of asylum.

By Monday night, it was unclear where he had sought refuge.

Initial report on Sunday said he fled to Tajikistan, but local authorities in Dushanbe Tajikistan debunked this.

‘The plane with Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani onboard did not enter airspace of Tajikistan and did not land in the territory of the country,’ said a Tajik source.

Al Jazeera also reported that Ghani fled to Uzbekistan.

But Russian sources are now suggesting that he is in Oman.