Bola Ahmed Tinubu Sworn In As Nigeria’s 7th Democratically Elected President

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By Deji Komolafe - Deputy Editor

The next president of Africa's largest democracy, Nigeria, has been sworn in at a ceremony in the capital, Abuja. Bola Tinubu, 71, won February's election with a promise to renew hope - but he faces tough economic and security challenges.

The ceremony took place amid extremely tight security and in front of world leaders and dignitaries, such as President Kagame of Rwanda and Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa at the 5,000 capacity Eagle Square venue in the capital Abuja.

Tinubu becomes just the 7th democratically elected president of Nigeria, and the 16th overall.

He inherits a country beset by serious economic and security challenges after eight years of rudderless leadership by the outgoing administration of Muhammadu Buhari.

Tinubu also inherits a nation deeply divided along ethno-religious lines, a consequence of the acerbically divisive rule of former President Buhari, who will go down as probably the most polarizing leader in the history of Nigeria. 

Tinubu’s inauguration is the culmination of a life-long ambition to rule Nigeria and he is probably the most prepared to do so, in the history of the country.