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Liverpool’s Premier League struggles continue with draw at Anfield against Chelsea

CC™ Soccernet

By the Editor-in-Chief 

--- Boyejo A. Coker

Another Premier League game, and once again, another lackluster and listless performance from Liverpool, this time at Anfield against fellow strugglers, Chelsea FC.

While many thought the team had turned the proverbial corner with the mid-week victory over Wolves (at the Molineux) in the FA Cup replay, the reds once again showed no bite, as they were lacking in both verve and spirit against a struggling Chelsea side that was there for the taking. The largely forgettable match ended goalless.

Thus, the narrative of the 7th-year-itch as it relates to Klopp’s documented struggles after 7 years in charge at previous clubs, is bound to continue, and perhaps escalate. And why not? One might be tempted to ask. After all, it is a fact that Klopp has never turned around the fortunes of any of the previous clubs he has managed after being at the helm of those clubs for 7 years.

In fact, at least one of those clubs (Dortmund) flirted with relegation, and the panacea for each of those past struggles was for Klopp to leave as manager. 

One therefore must wonder if FSG and Liverpool fans are essentially asking the German to do what he has never done before as a manager; turn around the fortunes of a struggling team, and in this case, one that looks like a tired and utterly spent force! The difference between LFC and those other teams though lies in the pedigree of the latter. Liverpool are ‘European royalty’ where football is concerned at club level, and allowing this obviously evolving train wreck to continue might be debilitatingly detrimental to the future of the club, in the long run. 

Klopp frankly looks tired and short on ideas as to how to fix the rut. His carefully curated press conferences not withstanding, his demeanor and overall disposition smacks of someone who has lost the plot and would like to be put out of his misery. 

As drastic as it may sound, the ownership at FSG might want to consider helping him in the latter regard.

It is glaringly obvious that the players have stopped listening to him. Perhaps, a new face and a different voice might just do the magic.


The Lakers lose and Liverpool get mauled by Aston Villa 7-2 in a game that showed why Adrian should not be a Liverpool player

CC™ Monday Review

By Boyèjo Coker            Chief Editor

The Los Angeles Lakers lost game three of the NBA Finals to the Miami Heat and all of a sudden, the sports world is overreacting and saying the Lakers "are in trouble." Relax people, Anthony Davis had 15 points and Jimmy Butler had a monster night in a must-win game. 

The Heat had to win and did what they needed to do. The Lakers are a much better team (even with Dragic and Adebayo on the court for the Heat) and I expect them to win game 4. Ultimately, the Lakers will win in 5 games and Lebron will get his fourth ring, thus cementing his legacy as an all-time NBA great.

Now, onto the current English Premier League champions and their shambolic display at Villa Park that ultimately resulted in a 7-2 shellacking at the hands of Aston Villa, a team that escaped relegation to the lower league by just one point in their last campaign. It was a disgraceful display by Jurgen Klopp's over-pampered brats as they failed to show up. 

Perhaps, rather than being over-sensitive to the remarks last week (by Roy Keane) about his team's defending being a bit sloppy, Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp should probably have heeded Keane's warning that a more clinical team would have punished the Reds for their defensive miscues. That is exactly what Villa did and things were made even worse by the horrific goalkeeping display of Adrian, who was deputizing for the injured Alison Becker.

Following Adrian's disastrous showing in the UCL against Atlético de Madrid, it is surprising he is still a Liverpool player and speaks to one of Klopp's weaknesses as a coach, his blind loyalty to players he needs to move on from.

Whether Liverpool recovers from this devastating loss remains to be seen. One thing is however crystal clear; Liverpool must move on from Adrian and find a more competent and assured back-up for the oft injured Alisson Becker. Klopp must continue to work to create a climate that engenders a thirst and hunger for more trophies and this can only be accomplished when players and coaches are accountable for their contributions. 

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