Carol Bartz finally resigns from Yahoo board of directors

Carol Bartz, whose role as Yahoo CEO ended abruptly last Tuesday, has resigned from the Yahoo board.

Having been abruptly ousted from the position she had held for less than three years, Bartz had initially stated that she would not step down from the Yahoo board, but now she seems to have changed her mind.... and rightly so.

There is no question in the minds of many neutral industry watchers that Bartz was treated unfairly (she was more graphic in her own assessment).

After all, we are talking about the same Yahoo board that blew a Microsoft acquisition deal of $40+ billion dollars.

That was obviously not Carol Bartz's fault and the fact that the same incompetent board has now set-up an "Executive Leadership Council" to replace Bartz, again shows the board itself ought to be fired.

As would be the norm, in terms of making sound business sense, a succession mechanism should have been in place to ensure a smooth transition, as we've seen with the likes of Microsoft, Google and Apple, more recently.

Yahoo has indeed become a dinosaur in its space and the bitter truth may indeed surface sooner rather than later.... that Carol Bartz was not the problem.

In closing, I only have one small issue with Bartz; she should have taken the high road as her behavior in the after-math of her firing, may have doomed her career as a Chief Executive in the industry.

But then again, you never know.