Atiku Abubakar: The gift that just keeps on giving.....

Atiku Abubakar 

There is an old adage that states.... "when in doubt, stop digging." In the case of Nigeria's former Vice-President and perennial presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar, one has to conclude that he is either oblivious to that old adage or he is just downright deluded.

Coming on the heels of his latest exercise in prototypical self-aggrandizement with the "usual suspects", Atiku, while responding to criticism from those who are all-too-familiar with his antics, claims he bought a house for his mother when he was only 14 years old

Atiku asserted that contrary to widely held claims that his "wealth" was untowardly accumulated as head of the Nigeria Customs Service, as well as during his eight-year tenure as Vice-President; he had a history of genuine "business success."

The former Vice-President further stated that as a customs official, he "maintained one of the best records of returns to government" (whatever that means) and that after leaving the customs (fully loaded as one would imagine), he "used his knowledge and drive to build a very successful string of business ventures."

Ironically, Atiku would later go on twitter to clarify his position on the house he bought his mother at 14 years of age saying it was only a thatched mud bungalow, with two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom at a cost of just £9 ($14.50), saved from his £3 ($4.81)/month earnings, from his vacation job.

How Nigeria and indeed Nigerians have continually been saddled with characters such as Atiku as leaders, remains an ongoing mystery. The issue here is not necessarily on the substance of Atiku's claim or claims, but on exactly why, rather than focus on germane issues that affect the everyday lives of Nigerians, most notably the provision of basic electricity, food and water, Atiku and his colleagues are much more concerned about their own political and personal survival, even at the expense of the very people they claim they are fighting for.

The real problem is that his narcissistic predisposition is not unlike that of his band of rogues and predatory urchins within the Nigerian political theater. It is all about them and will always be, regardless of how much devastation they have wrought, not only on the economic and social institutions of that great country, but also on the collective psyche of the Nigerian people, irrespective of ethnic nationality, religion or background.

Nigerians must resolve within themselves to rid our nation of these relentless parasites, who have absolutely no vision and lack even the most basic human decency and dignity, requisite of true leadership, in any civilized society.