Potential African Zone play-off pairings for Brazil 2014: Nigeria may face Cameroon while Algeria may battle Egypt....

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Current FIFA ranking to the right and seeding per African (FIFA) rankings in parenthesis to the left

(5)Cape Verde – ranked 36th
(4)Nigeria ranked 35th
(3)Algeria ranked 34th
(8)Egypt ranked 61st
(7)Cameroon ranked 51st
(1)Ivory Coast ranked 18th
(9)Senegal ranked 78th
(6)Burkina Faso ranked 48th
(2)Ghana ranked 24th
(10)Ethiopia ranked 102nd

By virtue of the above (current FIFA rankings pending any changes later in week of 9/9/13, playoff pairings should be as follows:

a)   Ivory Coast vs. Ethiopia (1 vs. 10)
        b) Ghana vs. Senegal (2 vs. 9)
        c) Algeria vs. Egypt (3 vs. 8)
        d) Nigeria vs. Cameroon (4 vs. 7)
        e) Cape Verde vs. Burkina Faso (5 vs. 6)

        The latest FIFA rankings will be out later this week after the final round of matches during the week and if nothing changes, one can expect the potential match-ups to be as indicated (above) and should provide a thrilling finale to the qualifying rounds.