George Zimmerman, his painting and blood money on eBay....

A very young Trayvon Martin (Trayvon Martin Family)
By Israel O. Jemibewon

Bidding on eBay for a painting by George Zimmerman, whose 2012 murder of a black teenager, Trayvon Martin sparked both national and global outrage, neared $100,000 on Tuesday in an online auction that ends Sunday.

The signed patriotic blue-hued portrayal of the Stars and Stripes flag is overlapped with the words "God, One Country, with Liberty and Justice for All" in typewriter font.

Think for a moment in the irony of the latter "Liberty and Justice" for all considering he has permanently denied that to Trayvon Martin. That he even mentions the name of an "All Knowing God" who despises "those that shed innocent blood" should further make anyone with even the slightest ounce of human decency, shudder at the thought of such an intellectual/moral misadventure.

Zimmerman, 30, a Neighborhood Watch volunteer in Sanford, Florida, fatally shot Martin on February 26, 2012 as the 17-year-old unarmed high school student was walking home with iced tea and candy.

More recently he faced arraignment next month for allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend, before she dropped the charges.
Said by his lawyers to be deep in debt, Zimmerman noted on his eBay listing that he created his debut canvas using house paint donated by a friend.
Good thing he did not use the blood of his victim as a canvas overlay, but then again, he is looking forward to a huge payday drenched in same.
CC, as a matter of policy, will not provide a link or any imagery that supports this despicable activity and even more telling is the support for the exercise, by those who have contributed financially to it.