God loves Nigeria.....

Former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode
By Femi Fani-Kayode

God loves Nigeria so much. They created Ebola in their demonic labs for bio weapons. 

They sent the disease to our shores through an insane Liberian but the Lord defended us and refused to allow it to take root in our shores.

The watchers prayed “return to sender” and Ebola was sent back to Houston through another insane Liberian. 

Now they seek to learn lessons from the Nigeria they seek to destroy about how to “contain Ebola."

They refused to label Boko Haram as a terrorist organisation until we begged them to do so and until they had killed 25,000 Nigerians.
They refused to sell us arms to fight the Haramites and when we approached other nations to do so they told them to turn us down.
Yet God was with us, we sourced those arms ourselves and ever since then the tied has turned and our gallant soldiers are winning the war against Boko Haram.
What on earth have we done that they seek to bring us to our knees and decimate our country with terror and disease? Have we not played the fool to them enough and have we not bowed to them on bended knees for the last 54 years? 
Yet they seek to effect their prophecy that chaos must envelop Nigeria and that our country must break up by 2015.
They seek to ensure that we are enveloped in a sea of carnage and fratricidal butchery. In the light of all this numerous questions must be asked? Who is really behind Boko Haram and how come they have more sophisticated arms than the Nigerian military? Who supplies them with those arms and all that training? Is it the same forces that covertly train, arm and supply ISIS, Al Nusra and Daesh and that used them in Syria to topple Bashar Al Assad and in Iraq to push Nouri Al Malaki out of power?
Is it the same forces that created Al Qaeda and commissioned Osama Bin Ladin to push the Soviets out of Afghanistan? Yet whoever these forces are and whatever their evil intentions are for Nigeria one thing is clear- despite all our complexities, self-hate, self-doubt and eccentricities God loves us dearly and we shall not go the way of Iraq, Syria or Libya.
After all this is the land of the Ameyo Adadevoh’s and other brave souls. This is the land where the watchers pray through the night and stand in the gap for their beloved nation and their compatriots. This is the land where, though we pretend to hate one another and we bicker morning, night and day, know the meaning of the word patriotism and whose people know how to worship and praise the one true God. 
The emissaries of the devil, no matter how powerful, how rich and how connected will never destroy us and neither shall the counsel of Satan prevail in our land. Each time they throw a bomb at us. like Ebola, it shall return to sender. Each time they refuse to sell us arms to enable us to defend our people the Lord shall raise others who shall do it in their stead.
The bottom line is as follows: you may hate us and seek to shame and humiliate us but God loves Nigeria and His purpose for our nation, whether you like it or not, shall surely come to pass.