Quitting with style and brand distinction.....

Michael Peggs - MichaelPeggs.com

In a still soft economy and under an administration that has been anything but business-friendly, many are finding ways to distinguish themselves and take "branded risks", with a view to exploring what is out there.

One such person is Michael Peggs, a former strategic partner of development at Google.

In the age of Obama (no political pun intended), while some are leery to either leave their current employment or take the entrepreneurial leap-of-faith, many like Michael, are saying adieu with class and brand distinction (no pun intended either).

In this roughly 3 minute video (set to Frank Sinatra's "My Way") , Michael not only says goodbye from the premises of his much-loved former employer, but also cuts a rather relaxed, composed and jovial demeanor in the process.

More and more, many are finding unique ways to stay ahead of the game and as Michael rightly intimated in this video, you can't win if you don't play.

The video currently has almost 300,000 views.