Donald Trump's White House of lies, more lies and still more deadly lies......

CC™ Sunday Muse

By Daniel Sowemimo - Contributing Editor

One thing is clear and has been as clear as the sun rising and setting; Donald Trump is a liar, not just a casual liar, but a serial, pathological and compulsive liar. 

Before he became president, Trump lied about everything from his personal wealth (he has even sued those that dared to refer to him as a millionaire as opposed to his preferred designation of being a billionaire) to his TV ratings to the number of floors in his condo towers. Once he became president, his first lie was about the size of his inauguration crowd, and his lies have only grown exponentially from there.

Now that the leader of the free world has reportedly tested positive for the Coronavirus, who exactly are we going to trust to give us truthful information about not just the president's health, but also even more importantly (as is being revealed) when he actually tested positive for the virus (when his last negative test was) and who else could possibly be at risk, since this administration has done nothing but stage super spreader events (from the Republican convention to the more recent nomination announcement of Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court)?

We have also recently learned from the president's physician, Dr. Sean Conley, who told reporters at a briefing on Saturday, that he (the president) was "72 hours into his diagnosis", a development that would mean that Trump would actually have known that he was positive as early as Wednesday, October 30th, 2020, the same day Trump met with officials in Minnesota, and he also appeared at a fundraiser at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the next day.

Furthermore, that timeline would further suggest that the senseless and deadly lies of this administration may have put Joe Biden and others at the last presidential debate, at risk and that reckless conduct is even more compounded by the fact that members of Trump's entourage at the debate venue, with the exception of the FLOTUS, refused to wear face masks, even when they were offered to them.

The lies of this president and his arrogant defiance in the face of reason and facts, as well as the thuggish disposition of his henchmen, namely William Barr, his Attorney-General (note that I said "his" and not the U.S. Attorney-General) would seem to portend a bleak outlook for a climate where transparency and true democratic governance ever rears its head under this White House.

The American people must demand more and not allow the continued erosion of democratic institutions and principles and as a response to Lindsey Graham's assertion that a Democratic victory in the upcoming elections would ensure that this country becomes unrecognizable to the average American, well Lindsey, it already is unrecognizable to ALL true and well meaning Americans, and it is sycophants and marauders like you (Graham) who have aided and abetted Trump's misogynistic, racist and tyrannical reign.

The American people will have the final say about this on November 3, 2020 and there is no question that the upcoming elections will be the most consequential in American history. As for Donald Trump, his lies will get him what he ultimately deserves, a consignment to the dustbin of history in the pantheon of American presidents. 

No one would be more deserving of it.