Jesse Watters, Fox News and a culture of lies, deception and unbridled depravity

CC™ Video Scope - Editorial Team

Along with everything else that Rupert Murdoch's News Corp rolls off its conveyor belt of deception, dishonesty and journalistic debauchery, Jesse Watters' weak hit job on Joe Biden as it relates to the unproven allegations of impropriety in his son, Hunter Biden's business dealings, ranks right up there with the very worst of them. 

Rather than go into any unnecessary verbal hissicuffs, I will direct our readers to the video from Watters' show on 10/24/2020. A closer look (much clearer on TV than in the YouTube video) at 3:56 of the show's video (below) from that day will show that Joe Biden's head is actually superimposed on the body of another person in the group picture of four with a supposed business partner of Hunter Biden called Devon Archer.

Never mind the fact that Fox News' sister publication recently stated that Tony Bobulinski's records show no proof of Joe Biden's business relationship with the former. This is worse than yellow journalism and it is further proof that Fox News will always be what they are and have always been..... a jaundiced and eternally dishonest excuse for a news and information outlet. 

Again, a closer look at the image on TV (on-demand will have the playback) and here will show this depraved dishonesty to be exactly what it is, an assault on the basic tenets of journalistic integrity.