The Monday Brew and other matters arising.....

CC™ Monday Rehash

By Boyejo A. Coker - Chief Editor

Here is a rundown of a few things of note as America and indeed the world moves on from the tumultuous last four years of the Trump presidency.

Joseph Biden will be the next President of the United States 

Yes indeed, Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Kamala D. Harris will be the next President and Vice-President of the United States as the American people have spoken, regardless of whether or not Donald J. Trump concedes. The nail in the proverbial coffin for Trump came with the acknowledgement of Biden's victory by none other than the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush on Sunday. For those waiting for Trump to concede, they will be essentially wasting their time as he will never do such. Trump is not wired that way as he does not have an ounce of humility or magnanimity in his make-up and you just don't suddenly develop those qualities in your mid-seventies. 

Georgia Senate run-off elections is a must-win for Democrats to neutralize Graham and McConnell

Do not be fooled America, Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. is an eternal obstructionist, while if Lindsey Graham tells you good morning, you had better make sure you look outside first to make sure it is actually morning. In the Senate Majority leader and the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee respectively, you have two men whose words mean absolutely nothing and who care about one thing and one thing only, their own jaundiced and myopic interests. This could not have been more evident than the show of shame masquerading as a confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court Justice, essentially before the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg had even been laid to rest. Rather than focus on the passing of a comprehensive COVID-19 stimulus package to alleviate the suffering of millions of Americans, Lindsey Graham decided it was the perfect time to put on a show for the great people of South Carolina at the expense of the American people, with the not-so-subtle acquiescence of the cold, calculating and soulless McConnell. The Democrats must not obfuscate the messaging for this run-off election by playing into the Republican canned message of labelling those they disagree with as socialists and anarchists. McConnell and Graham should, and must be the poster boys for why America cannot afford another 4 years of obstructionism and chicanery. We have had 12 years of it and the only ones that have benefited from it have been, yes you guessed it, Mitch McConnell and his adjacent lackey, Lindsey Graham. Another massive turn-out (especially by Black voters), just one last time, will put a much welcome end to 12 years of incendiary and self-aggrandizing obstructionism. 

The Seahawks need to fire Ken Norton Jr. and the Seahawks should not have extended Carroll

The Seattle Seahawks scored 34 points on Sunday and still lost by ten points to the Buffalo Bills. For a franchise that was once known for its vaunted defense (the Legion of Boom), these are indeed challenging times and Pete Carroll needs to fire Ken Norton Jr, the defensive coordinator as he has proven both in Oakland and now Seattle that he (Norton) is just not cut-out for that job. Furthermore, the Seahawks ownership should not have extended Carroll's contract (essentially keeping him in Seattle for the foreseeable future) as I believe he has reached his maximum output with the Seahawks. There are young and innovative up and coming coaches and the Seahawks should have at least waited till the end of the season before extending Carroll, if that was the plan in the first place.

Jurgen Klopp's naïve sense of loyalty may sabotage Liverpool's quest for dynastic resurgence

Liverpool and Manchester City played out a 1-1 draw at the Etihad in their much anticipated Premier League clash on Sunday. There had been anticipation that Diogo Jota would start ahead of the struggling Roberto Firmino, but instead, Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp decided to adopt a 4-man strike force playing Salah, Mane, Jota and Firmino together. This of course meant that there would inevitably be a hole in the midfield for Manchester City to exploit and this they did, as Liverpool's defense was put under constant pressure with the absence of a key midfield presence. If Klopp wants to build a dynasty like the legendary Liverpool coaches before him, he will need to develop a ruthless streak and fast. He needs to consistently hold his players accountable for their performance, regardless of their status or risk losing the dressing room altogether. He may also want to learn from Sir Alex Ferguson who never grew emotionally attached to any player during his trophy-laden 27 years in charge of Manchester United. 

The club is always bigger than any player. That is the way it is with "Big Clubs" and the World Champions have a decorated history that is bigger than Roberto Firmino or any other player for that matter. Even the legendary Steven Gerrard was eventually phased out as a player by the club. 

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