The Monday Brew and other matters arising.....

CC™ Monday Rehash

By Boyejo A. Coker - Chief Editor

Here is a rundown of a few things of note as America and indeed the world moves on from the tumultuous last four years of the Trump charade of incompetence masquerading as a presidency:

Donald J. Trump will go down in history as the worst U.S. President and the most divisive

For those waiting for Trump to concede, they will be essentially wasting their time as he will never do such. Trump is not wired that way as he does not have an ounce of humility or magnanimity in his make-up and you just don't suddenly develop those qualities in your mid-seventies. Trump will go down in history as the worst U.S. President and the most divisive. The last four years have shown the absolute worst and I believe, the best of America as well. What is important though is for the forces of good to overwhelm the forces of evil who hide behind the veils of religion and appropriate the virtues of morality to themselves when even the Lord Himself says "ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God". Donald J. Trump, like most rulers and Kings, was indeed raised by God, but that same God, to whom all glory and honor belongs, also removed him. It is done and there will be no Angels from Africa being dispatched to save his wicked and destructive presidency.

Georgia Senate run-off elections is a must-win for Democrats to neutralize Graham and McConnell

Do not be fooled America, Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. is an eternal obstructionist, while if Lindsey Graham tells you good morning, you had better make sure you look outside first to make sure it is actually morning. In the Senate Majority leader and the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee respectively, you have two men whose words mean absolutely nothing and who care about one thing and one thing only, their own jaundiced and myopic interests. The Democrats must not obfuscate the messaging for this run-off election by playing into the Republican canned message of labelling those they disagree with as socialists and anarchists. McConnell and Graham should, and must be the poster boys for why America cannot afford another 4 years of obstructionism and chicanery. We have had 12 years of it and the only ones that have benefited from it have been, yes you guessed it, Mitch McConnell and his adjacent lackey, Lindsey Graham. If the worst label the Republicans can put on Democrats is one that essentially differs from capitalism only in the extent of governmental intervention (we all know the Republicans don't mind the latter when it comes to Wall Street bailouts), then I would personally wear that as a badge of honor over the avaricious greed, fascism, racism, misogyny and chronic nepotism that have typified the last four years of the Trump-Graham-McConnell triumvirate. David Perdue and Kelly "Karen" Loeffler, who both engaged in insider trading while Americans were dying in their thousands from the COVID-19 pandemic should not be the ones to lecture anyone on virtues and equitable policy formulation. Another massive turn-out (especially by Black voters), just one last time, will put a much welcome end to 12 years of incendiary and self-aggrandizing obstructionism.

If the Democrats lose the two seats in Georgia to those two crooks (as Ossoff himself called Perdue to his face), and make no mistake about it, both Loeffler and Perdue would be in jail if they were regular citizens and not Senators (talk about a travesty), then it will be down to messaging on the part of Democrats. 

My Prediction: The Democrats win both seats and end the stranglehold of McConnell and Graham over the American people, thus allowing the Biden administration to do its job, including re-engaging China, as opposed to abdicating the global arena for the Communist country to exert its economic, political and military influence. The latter is what Donald Trump has done for the last four years and the American consumer and farmers have been the worse off for it. 

Finally, I will touch on two noteworthy points regarding former President Barack Obama's new book and the call by the wacky White House point-person on the Coronavirus, Dr. Scott W. Atlas for an "uprising" against Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. First, on the assertion by President Obama that race played a major role in the virulent resistance against his administration, I will agree with him to a large degree (it is always that way when you are the first to break an entrenched barrier), but the fact that Obama strayed way to the left fringes of his party probably had more to do with it. Obama campaigned as a centrist and then rather than demonstrate a vision for the future by solidifying the party as a center-left party, while also replicating himself in the process, his ego (never mind his feigned humility), much like Trump's also took over. It was an opportunity lost for the Democrats and it gave rise to Trumpism. Even Trump acknowledged as much when he said, "I am here because of Obama and Biden". President Joe Biden must see to it that his administration does not become Obama's third term. As for Dr. Scott W. Atlas' call for an uprising by the citizens of Michigan against what he perceives as draconian new COVID-19 restrictions, Governor Whitmer would be best served to ignore the lunatic and I frankly believe that the Medical Board of ethics should seriously consider taking away his license. It is that important and that serious. 

There will be better days ahead and this nation will become the beacon of hope once again. Our institutions are built to stand and endure the test of time. 

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