Further proof that Nasir El-Rufai is the devil……

CC™ Politico

The pint-sized ethnic bigot and religious zealot refers to Northern Christians as belonging to the “Christian enclaves in the north”. El-Rufai, along with his now well documented ethnic cleansing campaign against the non-Fulani indigenes of Kaduna State, has always demonstrated his propensity for being unhinged when campaigning against his adversaries during elections. 

The image (above) in this short article by our political desk could not better represent how most well-meaning Nigerians view the vertically-challenged loose-canon. 

When you look at the number of likes (thumbs up) in the pictorial of another one of his media rants, you will see he has exactly 666 likes

As would be expected, Satan couldn’t agree more with his apostle of hate, disinformation and destruction.